International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Association 

IFALPA is a non political organization that represents more than 100,000 pilots who are the members of more than 90 pilots' associations around the world. The organization is actually a federation of autonomic associations.

The Mission of IFALPA is to be the global voice of airline pilots, promoting the highest level of aviation safety world-wide and providing services, support and representation to all of its Member Associations.

Shortly after World War II, the United Nations Organization came into being and soon gave birth to several specialized agencies, one of which was the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The fact that ICAO was to make decisions on aviation policy without pilot representation immediately began to interest several pilots' Associations. 

The federation has permanent representation at all major aviations organization such as ICAO and IATA and its delegates are also invited to participate in many other commercial aviation related organizations' meetings.

Day –to-day activities are supervised by the President, his deputy and 4 vice-presidents. These are the Principal Officers -PO. In addition there are 20 Regional Vice President –RVPs and 12 specialist committee chairmen.

Specialist committee have been set up to deal with specific aspects of the federation activities-

Accident Analysis Committee (AAC) 

Aircraft Design and Operation (ADO) 

Airport and Ground Environment (AGE) 

Air Traffic Services (ATS) 

Dangerous Goods (DGC) 

Helicopters (HEL) 

Human Performance (HUPER) 

International Flight Engineers (IFE) 

Industrial (IND) 

Legal (LEG) 

Security (SEC) 

Subscription-Constitution / By – Laws-Administration-Membership Policy-Insurance (SCAMPI) 


The Israeli Pilots' Association –ISRALPA is a member of the federation and Capt. Ika Brandt is the Middle East/West RVP. 

Pilots from all airlines in Israel (not necessarily counsel members) are sent to represent ISRALPA in the various IFALPA committees to expand and broaden views for all others in the information and knowledge gained in those committees, and to develop professional relations with other pilots from around the world.

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